Frequent Asked Questions

Most beauty products are topical and are applied to the outside how does this work?

Nutribeauti is a unique nutritional and detox that works from the inside of your body.

How long does it take to see results?

Most people begin to see and feel results in 30-60 days

Can I take it more than once a day?

Yes, Nutribeauti is a blend of special superfoods

What happens if I skip a day?

No need to double up; just continue back on your regular routine

This formula is part detox, should I increase my water intake?

We recommend between one and two liters of purified water per day

I don’t particularly like green food, what can I do in order to consume it?

-Smoothies are a great way to consume Nutribeauti, be creative, mix and match your favorite
fruits and/or vegetables,
-bake in cookies or pancakes,
-sprinkle Nutribeauti on salads or in soups,
-mix it into energy balls. 

Can I mix it with juice?

Not more than 25% juice mixed with water and try to stay away from high vitamin C content which can diminish the chlorella benefits.

Is it safe for my elderly parents to take?

Yes, although elderly should check with their doctor before starting any new health regimen

Is it safe to take with my medications?

Remember this is food but very powerful food.
Although we have not heard of any problems, always check with your doctor to ensure there are no interactions with your meds.

Formula is causing me to visit the bathroom more often, what should I do?

The formula is a powerful detox so in the beginning you may visit the bathroom more often. Stay with it, this is a natural stage. You can temporarily reduce the amount you’re taking if you are uncomfortable.

The Nutribeauti seems to be causing me some cramping in my stomach, what can I do?

During initial detox you may experience some cramping, usually this goes away in a day or two.
Your intestines are being cleaned out; you may always reduce the amount you are taking until you become more comfortable.

I want to sell Nutribeauti, how may I become an affiliate?

Check our website or contact us for
more information.

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