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  • Silica

    Our unique form of silica (DE), the most powerful available, comes from one of the United States purest mines rated by FDA Standards.

    Considered the mineral of beauty, it supports the collagen and connective tissues, hearth health, digestion and bones, cleaning your cells allowing your body to absorb the nutrients more effectively.

  • Spirulina

    Our spirulina is one of the most complete foods in nature. It is cultivated on the lush and pristine Hainan Island, making this organic powder highly nutritious.

    Considered a complete protein with all 9 essential amino acids, minerals (potassium, calcium, chromium, copper, iron and magnesium), essential fatty acids, vitamins B, C and E and phytonutrients.

  • Chlorella

    Our special strain of raw chlorella, imported from Asia, has a thin cell wall, that increases digestibility by 80-90% over normal chlorella.

    It contains a high level of chlorophyll (green antioxidant), protein and natural multivitamin A, B2, B3 and minerals iron, magnesium and zinc.



Stimulates healthier and stronger hair growth while promoting a beautiful shine.

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Supports collagen under the skin enhancing elasticity, making the skin look firmer, softer and younger.

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Encourages stronger, longer and thicker nail growth.

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