Smoothie Bowls

Smoothie Bowls

A few years ago, the ubiquitous smoothie got a makeover, turning to the most perfect breakfast meal ever created. If you’re unaware of the smoothie bowl trend, in this post you will find all the information you need to know to be fashionable while taking care of your health 🤍

#SmoothieBowls have some redeeming qualities:
🥣 They contain more fruit and less liquid, which makes for a more filling meal replacement.
🥣 By eating with a spoon rather than a straw, this smoothie style encourages you to slow down and practice being a more mindful eater.
🥣 Toppings, the real fun of smoothie bowls, allow you an extra opportunity to add healthful nutrients and superfoods to your day.

But… How do you make a smoothie bowl, anyway?

👩‍🍳 The idea is simple: start with frozen fruit; add it into a blender with some type of flavored liquid, like coconut water, yogurt, milk or a non-dairy alternative; blend until creamy and fully incorporated but still thick (almost ice-cream like consistency); transfer that mixture to a bowl, and top it !
* Bonus track: add #NutriBeauti to the preparation for a nutritional boost 🚀

Anytime soon we will be publishing an incredible recipe and we challenge you to send us a photo preparing it! You dare?
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