Nutribeauti Exfoliating mask

Nutribeauti Exfoliating mask

Nutribeauti contains Vit A, E, B12, calcium, iron, and phosphorus, all of which are vital for your skin health. It makes you feel toned, youthful, and vital, strengthening the body as a whole.

Anti-aging benefits: Nutribeauti formula, especially spirulina ingredient, contains tyrosine, Vit E, and selenium, known for its anti-aging effects.
Try this facial mask to prevent premature signs of aging and fight acne. It will make your skin amazingly
soft and smooth.

Make a smooth past mixing Nutribeauti with water and apply it on your clean face. Keep on for 5 to 10 minutes as an exfoliating mask and wash off with warm water. Moisturize as desired.


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