About the spoon

The town of Guadalupe near the city of Barquisimeto in Lara State, Venezuela, is one of the sectors with the highest production in woodcarving, being the main source of work with approximately 100 artisans.


In the past, its craftsmen worked with the clay, and the cause of the material change is changed to wood for unknown reasonst known, . wWhat is certain is that thanks to the change, today we can enjoy today wonderful works made of wood.

Artists generally work in from their homes and involve a large part of their family family group. , in order to Artisan families transmit hand down their knowledge to the next generation. They use different types of wood: vera, curarire, oak, miguelito, dividive, ivory and palo de arco. 

These woods, when worked with the skillful hands of artisans, merge with the passion and dedication of those who give us beauty in from pieces of wood. With patience and a high aesthetic value, the  aArtisansy prepare kitchen utensils such as the Nutribeauti spoon, utilitarian pieces, decorations, games and toys, among others.

If you have the opportunity to visit this town, you will be able to enjoy the gradual transformation of a piece of wood into a piece of great aesthetic value.  The smell given off by the wood radiates magical scents as  when being worked is magicalit is transformed into spoons.; Aappreciating the difference indifferent textures of raw wood and every stage of the process through to the end is absolutely extraordinary.  

Alexander Mendoza is the lead craftsman of the Nutribeauti spoons; your purchase is helping us to support this artesanartisan community.

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